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Tuesday, 15 August 2006
Of Nerds and Geeks in Blogosphere
Create a Website, Post a Blog and Let the World Surf it.
By Art Tibaldo

Time has changed, a new world is emerging and media is rapidly reshaping society. Digital technology has long revolutionized old systems and methods and it continues to explore limitless horizons. Today, I can’t imagine reprinting my legacy black and white negatives using my old darkroom enlarger and dissolving double weight photo papers in a tub of developers and acid fixers.
Instead, I can scan my negatives in a flatbed scanner at high resolution and save it as either jpeg or tiff (depending on your preference) digital files and later reverse it into positive using Adobe Photoshop.
Without having to soak my hands in chemicals, I can later print my image at a high resolution of 300dpi (dot-per-square-inch).
In fact I don’t even have to print my image on paper if I want to share it for everyone to appreciate. I can upload this content or file through the internet and post it for everyone who wants to download for that makes me a content creator – and so with anyone else.

Mobile telephones has also changed the way communicate. We do not only use the cellular or celfon to converse with one another but we also use it to capture images and record sounds. Depending on the band width, capability and service provider of the unit, it can also transmit a gallery of text messages, images, movies or sounds through digital satellite services.

Just like mastering photography, being computer literate is a never ending process. Computer programs and softwares are upgrading faster than the operating systems of desktops, laptops or palmtops. Before you are able to master another authoring program, new ones are invading cyberspace and before you knew it, your eyesight are getting worse and your workroom have accumulated dusts and funny of it all - people will call you a geek or a nerd.

After IT Superhighway and Cyberspace comes now the world of blogosphere or whatever digital village that is nowhere to be found in the global map.
Blog or web log is an online conversational medium that caught my curiosity just a year ago and it is fast gaining ground as an alternative to an email or even a webpage. Its persistence in cyberspace is a clear example of the democratization of media in both creation and distribution.

Many photographers have translated the language of their art into new web-based opportunities. Photographic journals that chronicle practically anything from family vacation to Pulitzer eligible stills are now posted online giving photographers a place to present their work without the intervention of a publisher or a curator.
Sly Quintos, a friend of mine who hides under the name DejaVu posted his digital images as a camera enthusiast and he is now the top contributor of To prove that e-commerce can work with obscure and unknown photographers like this writer, I received a call from the administrator of imagesphilippines telling me to send a high resolution hardcopy (in CD) of my photo to their business address in Makati because a client wants my image for a corporate calendar. After a week, I received a bank transfer and I never cared where my image ended up to. Now, who says that nerds and geeks can’t do e-commerce?

Posted by tibaldoarts at 2:32 PM JST

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