Cordillera as captured by Art Tibaldo

Images of Mt. Province
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Click this link to view a satellite view of Bontoc from which you can later drag to see other places in Mountain Province. (courtesy of Wikipedia)


IGOROTAK-The new kid in showbusiness who invaded the TV airwaves recently is Marky Cielo of Bauko, Mountain Province. Marky bagged the most coveted grand prize that made him a millionaire and a bankable actor. Because of Marky, the little known town of Bauko is finally in the entertainment industry map. Mountain Province Governor Maximo Dalog rallied behind Marky in the popularity contest that counted people's votes through texting.


Bontoc women danced to the beat of Ballangbang during the 2005 Lang-ay Festival, For 2006, Lang-ay will even be more festive and more Bugnay wines will be poured as Marky is expected to grace the celebration.


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A bit of history - The Cordillera people's clamor for self determination and quest for a regional autonomy was raised in the early eighties as a result of many rallies and dialogues in the mountain provinces. When CPLA leader Father Conrado Balweg+ agreed to meet with the Aquino administration for a peace dialogue in Mt. Data Bauko, the concept of regionalization and autonomy was seriously considered by the Philippine government. Photo shows Balweg exchanging pleasantries with Baboo Mondonedo of the Cordillera News Agency and Major Densen+ of AFP


a near sunset scene of Lake Danum in Sagada


President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in her visit to Sagada tries her skill in molding clay into a jar. She finally ended up with a jug.


Marky Cielo of GMA-7's Starstruck lone survivor became a favorite subject of photo-ops like this one with my daughter Inah Felice. Photo was taken by Redgie Melvic Cawis, a Baguio based journalist.

Read more on Marky Cielo and Lang-ay 2006 from my blog through this link

Lang-ay Then and the Years to Come


Mountain Province’s Lang-ay Festival is now being hailed as the biggest attraction come-on of this province every year. Born on the 38th founding anniversary of Mountain Province, the Lang-ay Festival was the brainchild of the present crop of provincial leaders led by Governor Maximo B. Dalog, in a bid to call attention to this province’s rich and diverse culture as well as the people’s pride for their God-given wonders and gifts.


As defined generically, “Lang-ay” is to share happiness, promote family solidarity, hospitality, and nurture friendship with a toast of home-brewed wine.


Activities of the Lang-ay festival consist of series of event like agro-industrial fair, sports events like mountain trekking and indigenous games, musical and ethnic rendition of songs and dances, local pageant and street dancing that involves the various tribes of the upland province.


Lang-ay aspires to be the future crowd-drawing tourism event in this part of the mountain region and to quote the Governor, Dalog says “Lang-ay is ours, it is our pride and identity, the spirit of Lang—draws us closer as united Mountain Province."


This year’s Lang-ay Festival theme is: “Moving Forward: One Community, One Heritage”.




This man from Natonin or Paracelis shows of his native garb as he participates in the Lang-ay 2005 festivities.



These girls from Paracelis proudly display their ornate native garbs during the 2006 Lang-ay Festival. Leonora San Agustin of the Baguio Mountain Provinces Museun once commented that theirs are among the most fashionable outfit worn by upland women in northern Philippines.