Cordillera as captured by Art Tibaldo

Foster Parent
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Parenting to PMA Cadets
I was once told by a palm reader that I will soon have a son and true enough, they came in numbers - lean, good looking and well disciplined boys of the armed forces.





Fine young men, these boys in grey will soon find their mark in the field of military leadership.



Above photo shows (clockwise) Harry, Mikko, Mike and Em-em with their mothers during the traditional ring-hop ceremony. The four are now commissioned army Lieutenants in the regular Armed Forces of the Philippines.


Getting acquainted, Inah Felice had chit-chat with the new cadets moments after the foster parent pairing at the military academy.


This link connects you to my family album site which shows more images of my foster sons.


After a tough and strenous silent drill (below) Chad and Chris are shown having a light moment with their foster mom Helen.


Click here to view a satellite image of Fort Del Pilar which has become a popular tourist destination of Baguio City.


At the mess hall-shown facing the camera are Mac-mac, Jay, Chris, Chad, Nick with Inah Felice and Junalyn Ponciano. Missed during this visit is Jong who was in Brunei Darussalam on an official travel. (For their personal security and career related interests, only the cadet's nicnames will be used in this site.TY)


He flew in from Germany to marry my younger cousin Ma. Phoebe (Babes) Pang-ot. Since he came all by himself, Frank Krallemann became my adopted son when I stood as his elder during their exchange of vows with Babes in Baguio. He'll soon bring Babes to Germany to meet his parents. Photo shows peso bills being pinned on the newlywed couple's garments as a gift from well wishers. This traditional customary practice is still being done even in big cities of the Philippines.