Cordillera as captured by Art Tibaldo

Tribal Arts
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Art Tibaldo uses his lenses, paints and brushes in capturing the diverse ethnic culture of the upland people of Philippine's Cordillera region.


Photo shows the biggest dap-ay in the Cordillera that can accomodate over fifty seaters. It has two decks with about thirty stone back-rests. Shown with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo are some of Baguio's government media including spouses Art and Helen Tibaldo.


An elder or "pangamaen" communicates with the spirits of the departed and offers food as a customary practice. Helen Tibaldo who heads a government media facility is joined by veteran newsmen Willy Cacdac and Joe Dacawi in this solemn customary tribal practice. The offering consists of a wine, cooked rice and meat, water, salt and sometimes tobacco. Willy wrote 30 in July 2006 and joined other senior newsmen in the great editorial room in the sky.



Collecting, Borrowing and restoring old photographs is not only a form of hobby to Art Tibaldo but it is part of his commitment to preserve the rich cultural tradition of the Igorots of Philippine's Cordillera region. Part of the restored photos and collected old films will be showcased during the centennial celebration of Baguio as a chartered in 2009.


Inspecting the "duyogs" or wooden plates of Loo, Benguet are Patricia Afable and Katlin Okubo who both shows interest in indigenous crafts of the mountain provinces