Cordillera as captured by Art Tibaldo

The Baguio Media Museum & Animation Studio
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Showcasing the various forms of communication and how it evolved from the ancient cave paintings to the latest in information technology, the Baguio Media Museum & Animation Studio promises a different learning experience to visitors.


Virtual Reality - Multi-Media Specialist Art Tibaldo of the Baguio Media Museum and Animation Studio uses cinema and television special effects to demonstrate how communications evolved from cave painting to satellite broadcasting. Tibaldo opens his garage-cum museum every saturday to Baguio City's curious spectators. CNArelease


EDUTAINMENT-Above photo shows Mass Communication students of the University of the Cordilleras working on a PC-based radio infomercial project that they conceptualized and accomplished at the studio.


The Media Museum has a growing collection of media tools and paraphernalia such as old film projectors, movie cameras, typewriters, microphones, printing equipment etc.
It has a ready to operate radio announcer's booth, darkroom, media library and TV studio.
Housed at the studio is an animator's desk and areas for artwoks and movie props. A wide collection of cartoon characters and toys also adorn the recieving area that was originally intended as a garage.
Future activities of the media museum will include a residency program for artists, filmmakers and visiting reporters. A training module on Video Production, 2D Animation, TV Broadcasting and Photography is now being developed as an add-on feature of the media museum. The Cordillera News Agency-Television is preparing a reality-TV type of production that will be aired in Baguio's cable networks.




Generation Gap - Seasoned radio announcer and disc jockey Jimmy Bernabe of DZWT-WR spends a light moment with high schooler Brenden Kim Quintos who taught the former on how to record and edit sounds digitally using a personal computer. Young Quintos spends his free time doing apprenticeship work (above photo) at the Baguio Media Museum and Animation Studio. CNArelease



Computer graphics is a recently acquired skill for Art Tibaldo but paint brush painting is something that he does with gusto even on a mural scale.

...some of the artist's collection are shown here (click to visit site)