Cordillera as captured by Art Tibaldo

Filipino Centennial Celebrations
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Meeting Friends in Hawai'i 

"I'm a citizen of the global village trying to cope up with the modern world no matter how people look at me from head to toe". Art Tibaldo


At the Center for Philippine Studies, a component of the School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I gave a presentation on “Images of Cordillera Through Visual Ethnography”. My one hour lecture consisted of a showing of my video documentaries and discussions on Cordillera arts, rituals, customary practices including ancient practices in agriculture and forest management. I was also asked to discuss indigenous notions of peace and war and luckily, my lecture materials included the “Sipat” in Mt. Data where then President Corazon Aquino had a ceremonial peace talk with the rebel priest Fr. Conrado Balweg in 1986. The attendees were particularly struck when I discussed present day happenings such as tribal conflicts. I narrated one incident when one of my students at the University of the Cordilleras-BCF asked for permission to go home because of a growing tension between their village folks and neighboring ethnic groups in Kalinga.


I joined the BIBAK-Hawaii in their post Valentine party at a Moanalua Community Center and I provided an impromptu entertainment of songs while serving as toastmaster. I brought with me a portable Bose powered speaker, a 7 inch LCD monitor, a Radioshack mini mixer, a compact DVD player with an Ilocano sing-a-long discs and a Magic Sing microphone. I sang “Achy Breaky Heart” while the BIBAK members danced a modified LA walk. Angel Galas serenaded his caucasian wife and the evening party lasted at past 10 complete with gong playing, short talks and fine dinner. Half of the hand woven bags that Rovilyn Mayat-an consigned to me were sold during that evening.


Courtesy Call at Honolulu City Hall

I called and introduced myself to Joey Manahan, a friend of Baguio lensman Kulot Leprozo who works at the Honolulu Hale as a Neighborhood Assistant. We had a fine chat over a drink of beer and he showed me some hangouts in downtown Ala Moana. At a busy district called Ryan’s, we chanced upon his boss, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman who stands 6’8” tall. The mayor extended his hand to me as I was introduced to him by Joey. He reminded Joey about the upcoming arts program and trade expo in December. During my scheduled courtesy call at city mayor’s office, Hanneman was busy preparing for state-of-the-city address scheduled the next day so I was met by Executive Advisor to the Mayor Jeff Coelho and Joyce Mina Oliveira, a Filipina local who serves as Hanneman’s executive assistant. Oliveira was with Hanneman when Honlulu officials visited Philippines in 2005. She expressed sadness for not being able to go to Baguio on that state visit.  As a citizen of Baguio and a member of the Philippine International Sisterhood Ties-Baguio Chapter, we discussed possible joint programs and tie ups. Coelho and Oliveira briefed me on the upcoming Trade Expo this December that is being spearheaded by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. More on upcoming postings...



Posing with Prof. Fred Magdalena, FCC Comm. Belinda Aquino, ConGen Ariel Abadilla and FCC Comm. Leo Gozar


The Official Residence of the Philippine Consulate in Hawaii


Hugo Prill in his vegetative backyard garden


Juny La Putt, also known as the Hawaiian Webmaster toured me to the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Waikiki as well as other tourism desitinations in U'ahu. Juny took most of the photos of me in this page.


In amazement at how big the Banyan tree is, I took this shot with me using the self timer mode of my camera.


At the 'Iolani Palace


A head gear worn by the king of Hawai'i collected by Captain Cook during his journey to the Pacific in the 1700s. This helmet like cap is adorned with reddish feathers of wild birds. I took this shot while it was on display the the Honolulu Academy of Arts. 

Click this link to view a satellite image of the University of Hawai'i and East-West Center where I stayed during my stint as 2003 Filmmaker-in-Residence


With BIBAK-Hawaii President Hugo Prill


Inside the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor


Tete-a-tete with Consul General Ariel Abadilla during the EWC Gallery opening


At the North Shore, you will find raging waves, sandy beaches and blue skies. Many movie clips and TV segments on surfing were shot here.


A monarchy seal at the 'Iolani Palace


East-West Center Arts Program Coordinator Bill Feltz took me to the Honolulu Academy of Arts in time for the grand opening of over two thousand artifacts collected by the voyage of Captain James Cook in the Pacific islands in the 18th century.


Beside my official residence at John Burns Hall at East-West Road is this beautifully built Korean Center where I gave a lecture for Asian Studies students.